Ticket To The American Dream Enrollment Information Page

Welcome to the Ticket To The American Dream enrollment page!

Would you like to purchase a home but are not sure if you will qualify to secure a mortgage? Have you previously lost your house to a short sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu ,or had a bankruptcy? You may be able to purchase a home and once more fulfill the AMERICAN DREAM of owning your own home!

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours by a participating Ticket To The American Dream mortgage specialist. The mortgage specialist will help you figure out your options and put you on a path to home ownership.

On behalf of myself and all my cooperative business vendors in the Ticket To The American Dream Program, we look forward to helping you achieve the American Dream of home ownership!

Thank you,
Larry Ackerman


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Below are several options of Licensed Mortgage Professionals who I have done business with in the past and would recommend for you to consider contacting for assistance with all of your Home Mortgage financial needs. Eric, Ray, Shane, and Reagan are currently active participating vendors in my TICKET TO THE AMERICAN DREAM Program.
NONE of the vendors I recommend are directly employed by WEST USA REALTY in any capacity, and you are under no obligation to use their services in any transaction I work with you on. These Licensed Mortgage Professionals are fully capable of answering any questions you might have, or of pointing you in the right direction if by chance they do not have the ability to answer a question you have or to resolve a situation you have in regards to securing a mortgage or re-financing a mortgage you currently have.
Feel free to contact any of the Licensed Mortgage Professionals options provided and please let them know I referred you to them so that they will make sure to provide you the same excellent PROFESSIONAL SERVICE that I offer you .